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Organic Oil

Frantoiano, Leccino, Olivastra Seggianese

Anichino Farmhouse
Località Marrucheti, Campagnatico, Grosseto

L’Anichino is an organic farm (“Azienda Agricola Biologica”) in the municipality of Campagnatico (Grosseto), traditionally dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees. Since 1999 the farm has progressively developed its olive grove to reach a total of 4000 olive trees, with Leccino, Frantoiano and Olivastra Seggianese varieties. In 2014 it gained accreditation as an organic farm (Certificate of Conformity – AB – production and preparation – IT BIO 007 H56M) and produces three biological monocultivar extra virgin olive oils.

Two constant factors determine the quality of the oil of l’Anichino: the type of soil and the exposition of the olive plants. As it is not clayey, the soil of l’Anichino is well-drained and consequently dry, and this quality ensures that the olive oil is very fine, non-greasy, and contains the right balance of unsaturated fatty acids, together with antioxidants such as polyphenols, vitamin E and pro-vitamin A. The position of the olive grove, 260 meters above sea level and south-facing, protects the plants from olive fruit fly infestation, thus ensuring the oil has little or no acidity.

During the pressing of the olives, during the myrtle harvest period (late November-December) and in the spring it will be possible to stay during the weekend and participate in the initiatives, illustrated from time to time on the site.


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